Enjoy Movie Night From the Comfort of Your Home

Let's talk about home theater setup services

You know what's better than going to movies, overpaying for popcorn, fighting the crowds, listening to someone else's kid cry over important dialogue and having your shoes stick to a mystery substance on the floor? Not going to the theaters at all. That's why Connext, LLC is happy to provide home theater setup services.

Our technician will hook up everything you need for an unparalleled movie or game-watching experience. He can also set up your backyard theater. Call 859-556-7761 right now to learn about our prices.

Let us handle your home theater installation

Let us handle your home theater installation

When you want to hook up everything in your home theater, you can trust Connext for the job. You can count on our technician to:

  • Set up large televisions
  • Install surround sound speakers
  • Install and hook up projectors
  • Hang projection screens
  • Install HD antennas
He'll have your home theater set up in no time at all. Contact us right now to arrange for your installation.