Is Your Home Fully Automated?

Set up automation services today

With all the technology available today, you can fully automate your home with blinds that open when it's time to wake up and air conditioning that'll cool your home before you get in. Connext, LLC can fully automate your entire home.

Our team will advise you on what products to install. You can count on our technician to design the entire automation system and connect everything to your phone.

Call 859-556-7761 right now to get started on your home automation project.

What systems do you want automated in your home?

What systems do you want automated in your home?

With the help of Connext, you can have your home wired to do pretty much anything you could want. Our technician can set up:

  • Automated blinds
  • An alarm system
  • A security camera system
  • An automated heating and air system
  • Automated speaker systems
  • A connection to a smart speaker device
We can also set up a dashboard on a tablet to control all the devices, or you can control everything through your phone. Contact us right now for more information.